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Overcoming Anxiety and Overwhelm

Are you tired of constantly living in a state of anxiety, panic, or overwhelm?

Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep because your mind is busy worrying or thinking about everything?

Does it feel like life just keeps going faster and it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up?

Would you like to easily manage triggers and take control of your mind and body again?

If you’ve been living with anxiety, panic, or overwhelm for any period of time, you know it can feel like you have no control over what’s happening.

It’s been a crazy and challenging 18 months with everything that’s been going on in the world…and it’s taken a heavy toll with more and more people suffering from the chronic stress of it all.

With the holidays upon us, now is the time to free your body and mind from the effects of anxiety and overwhelm.

In this workshop you learn how to:

  • Release negativity and self-sabotage that are keeping you stuck in the cycle of anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Build resilience so that you can feel more confident, centered, and in control during stressful or challenging times.
  • Learn tools and practices for self-care so you can take charge of your body and brain, reducing triggers and symptoms.
  • Use the powerful feel and heal process for releasing trauma and unresolved issues so you can release the past and get your life back.
Special BONUS: You’ll also receive a free copy of my Feel and Heal Process Mini Workbook and Audio recording so you can use this effective tool anytime you wish to (a $49 Value).

Grounding, Protecting, and Clearing Your Energy

Are your energy levels, moods, and thoughts affected by others around you?

Do you tend to take on other people’s “stuff” as if it were your own?

Are you sensitive to certain foods, smells, sounds, places, or crowds?

Do you need time to rest and recharge after going out to public places or events?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions…chances are you’re an empath or highly sensitive person (HSP)!

We’re living in some crazy times and there’s a lot of negativity, fear, and anger out in the world right now.

And if you’re sensitive then you’re feeling it even more than others. Being sensitive is a gift that allows us to empathize and have compassion and understanding for what others are going through. But it often feels more like a curse when you’re constantly getting bombarded by everything going on around you.

Now is the time to take your energy and your life back…

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Ground your energy so you can start your day off feeling centered and confident in handling whatever comes your way.
  • Clear your energetic body so you can take your power, energy, and sanity back from outside influences and finally feel like yourself again.
  • Protect your energy so that you stop allowing other people’s low vibes and negativity affect your moods, energy levels, and thoughts.
  • Replenish and nourish your energy so you can feel more balanced and productive and start creating and living a life your heart truly desires.

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