I AM Safe and Secure MP3

Through her work with hundreds of clients, Allison has found that feeling a lack of safety and security is almost always the number one reason you experience emotional blocks and limitations, and have difficulty trusting yourself or others. The issue of safety and security can cause frustrating patterns of self-sabotage and prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams. It can derail the most promising weight loss efforts, addiction treatment, and other behavioral change attempts. It is not because you lack willpower or the desire to change, but more likely that you have unconscious fears that will do whatever it takes to prevent you from moving forward in your life, keeping you stuck.

In I AM Safe and Secure, Allison guides you through a gentle but powerful process of letting go of fear and removing your blocks, limitations, and self-sabotage. She assists you in bringing forth confidence, motivation, and courage into your life so that you can move forward and achieve whatever it is that your heart desires.

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